Acrylic Powder 7g-40g-700g (NSI) - MADE IN U.S.A [7593]

Acrylic Powder 7g-40g-700g (NSI) - MADE IN U.S.A [7593]

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Select PRODUCT COLOR PRODUCTS - NSI Acrylic Powder 40GR - MADE IN USA , Acrylic powders

7g, 40g, 700g and Gramazja to 3 different colors. You can choose the size you want and ounces selection of items.


high quality acrylic powders, yellowing, forming cross-linked monomer structure. Unusual grip, durability and flexibility. Is one of the top 3 brands in the world the highest quality. • Attraction powders, heat (bright) provides a unique blend of polymers emitting color options. Radiant white, soft white. • Enriched with pigments, powders and nail technician offers the ability to customize according to the person • Outstanding adhesion, and flexibility create dayanıklıılık. • Attraction fluid is used, the operating characteristics never change, fluidity and workability spring (yawn) feature provides an introduction to the unique Endüstirimize. • Powders, non-yellowing and color stabilizer özeliktedir. DÜŞMEZ, crack or explode WORLD'S QUALITY MATERIAL NSI NAIL UN

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