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Hyaluronique Pen

Hyaluronique Pen

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1 Piece Hyaluron Per (Needleless syringe)

1 Needle (To draw fluids)

Spring and plunger, under pressure, quickly and evenly, allowing to inject drugs under the skin through a hole with a diameter of 0.1 mm, which is twice smaller than the needle thickness for injection!

With the help of mechanical action energy, the spring and special plunger in the apparatus pushes the serum flow under a pressure from the microscopic hole to the subcutaneous tissue by pushing it rapidly under pressure.

It has been found to be more efficient than the operation of a needle approved in a series of studies and tests in different countries of the world.

It is the ideal solution for those prone to scarring and subcutaneous clots.

Advantages of the hyaluron pen:

* Painless injection

* Needleless injection eliminates the risk of infection from the needle

* Does not leave scars and puncture marks of the skin tissue with a needle.

* Better and faster absorption of used serum

* Absolutely subcutaneous injection-eliminates the risk of serum used penetrating into the muscle

* Fast, easy and safe

* Separate and economical dosing of the serum used

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